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At the border between reality and imagination there is a place, a non-place, in which space and time are the same thing. Neither a beginning nor an end, just a narrative, that of Hyperstudio, in which the distance between the work and the viewer is non-existent leaving room for unexpected perspectives. Founded in 2020, Hyperstudio is a collective of artists and designers who create oversized immersive installations in which art, artists and visitors are placed in a universe where the imagination is free. With the help of digital technologies, Hyperstudio allows audiences to be led and/or catapulted into true sensorial journey independent of real time and space: playing with light and color, shifting perspective, and disorienting environments. This is how, between the unfolding imagination of others and a landscape that moves exists beyond the fourth wall, entering art becomes possible.



Projections, sounds and movements of different elements accompany the experience: the sky, the sea and the earth blend for the performance of the cycle of life. The viewer is invited to immerse, play and be lulled by a candid environment, becoming an integral part of the work, a totalizing installation that offers a harmonious and imaginative view of the contradictory links between nature and new technologies.



The universe, imposing and sublime, stands as a boundless realm whose wonders and mysteries have enchanted mankind since ancient times. Its grandeur and splendid aesthetics are manifested through the endless succession of stars, galaxies and nebulae that populate its vast celestial domain. However, how can the essence of this extraordinary cosmic spectacle be captured?